From Victim to Valor


A step-by-step guide to overcoming victimization and moving into position of spiritual and emotional strength. From Victim to Valor is a chronicle of the Author’s journey through victimhood, recovery, and personal transformation. A straightforward look at abusers, their victims, and the most innocent victims of all – the children of those who do not thoroughly heal from the “Cyclic Phenomenon” of this learned behavior. Krista Kaine’s solid and truthful approach to telling her own story and more importantly, what she has learned from it, makes this book a must read for anyone who has struggled with self esteem and who may feel that they are still being held back today, by things which have happened in their past. By reading this book and applying its strategies and techniques, you will be armed with the tools necessary to acknowledge and pursue Valor! When you read Krista’s writings, it is exactly like having a personal conversation with her. Krista’s clear and concise style and no-nonsense approach makes her work a very “easy read.” In addition to being an Author, Krista Kaine is a Certified Personal Empowerment Coach who specializes in Life Transitions, Womens’ Issues, and Loving Communication.



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