Life Coaching

What is Intuitive Life Coaching?

With intuitive coaching, Krista has the ability to see beneath the surface and into the depths of what your soul needs to experience for its own growth and expansion. Intuitive coaching is much more personalized and specific than traditional coaching. Its results are widespread and can be lifelong. With intuitive coaching, Krista tunes into the energies of when, how and why you are struggling, why you may be “stuck” in a particular area of life, and she helps you to suspend the ego’s attachment to suffering, while facilitating true understanding, compassion and forgiveness.From there, Krista works with her clients to help them understand their own worth and contribution to the world, set clearly defined goals, based on what they wish to experience, and provides them with the tools and resources to take each small step towards fulfilling their goals. Your Life is Waiting!

Who may benefit from Intuitive Coaching?

While intuitive coaching can be extremely beneficial for just about anyone in any area of life, Krista specializes in personal empowerment, communication and emotional & spiritual development. As a coach, Krista has helped hundreds of people to regain their self-esteem, overcome traumatic situations and lifelong negativity, and find the courage and confidence to allow their true self to shine so that they may step into the driver’s seat of their own lives!

Do you struggle in any of the following areas?

  • Close, personal relationships / Difficult people
  • Low self-esteem
  • Boundary violations (yours or someone else’s)
  • Reaching or maintaining true happiness
  • Head / heart battles
  • Knowing your true purpose in life - and how to achieve it
  • Overcoming depression, trauma or chronic negativity

Are you Ready?

To finally, once-and-for-all overcome the hardships you’ve endured

  • To let go of the past and step fully into your potential
  • To take full responsibility for your life
  • To learn to confidently navigate your own life

What Can I expect?

What can you expect to learn from working with Krista?

  • Learn to seek out and find the good in every seemingly “bad situation”
  • Transform your Self and your life by recognizing and truly overcoming past events or pains that may be holding you back or otherwise negatively impacting your life today
  • Strengthen and transform all of your personal relationships
  • Learn to create genuine Love and acceptance for your Self and others
  • Learn to set and keep proper boundaries
  • Learn to let go of fear and live your life with steadfast surety
  • Regain your self-esteem and sense of self-worth by creating and living your life in a way that is right for you
  • Experience true inner peace and happiness
  • Awaken to who you really are and create the life you were born to live!

Difference between coaching and counceling

What our Coaching Clients are saying......

"I first spoke with Krista in March & then again in May. I was impressed with her candor & integrity, and decided to continue with weekly coaching sessions. These sessions have been instrumental in my personal growth this year. What I appreciate most about Krista's technique, is she not only allows you to learn your Life lessons at your own pace, but she holds you accountable. I look forward to what 2017 has to bring"

Sherry S. -Nashville, TN

Coaching Service Prices

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Soul Purpose Astrology

In addition to traditional coaching services, Krista has teamed up with Professional Astrologer, Lenore Hamill for a one-of-kind transformative reading/coaching service known as Soul Purpose Astrological Coaching. This program was designed by Lenore and Krista....You cannot find anything like it anywhere else!! Click Here to schedule with Lenore Hamill Professional Astrologer.