Krista Writes

The Art of Spiritual Lovemaking    Date: 2/8/19

A woman’s body, unencumbered and in all its glory, is a sacred entrance into the Divine. To fully experience her in an open, loving, and genuine way and with a humble and sincere heart, is to know and experience the Holy Spirit of Goddess. For, she, in her artful beauty and individuation, is the feminine mirror image of the masculine God within man.

Most men fear the experience of this sacred union, though many know not what they fear or from what or where the intimidation comes. A smart man knows the intrinsic reverential powers of feminine sexuality, yet he foolishly drinks from the cup of the enchanted woman with reckless abandon and arrogantly refers to her as “trouble” when he cannot resist yet another drink. It is this ignorance that causes some women to see men as “Neanderthal womanizers.”

Yet, a wise and spiritually evolved man knows the Goddess intimately and rejoices in her spiritual and sexual powers, as he leaves behind his ego and brings his own Godliness into the bedroom with him, to delight in this sacred union. For it is the spiritually attuned man who intuitively knows that he will have the inexplicably joyful experience of having his own mental, emotional, and physical needs met, while also meeting those of his lover.

This cosmic, spiritual connection is not always a “given” in the bedroom; yet the mental, emotional, and physical fulfillment and satiation is a natural byproduct of the spiritual union of two Souls.

In spiritual lovemaking, the woman’s body – the way she moves into and breathes with her lover – the way her soul engages with his, through the light of her eyes – it is the pathway to a union comprised of mutual Divinity.

The woman is the chamber of emotion, softness, and all that is Holy. When she is in love, her cup runneth over! Man is the strong and impenetrable force of nature in its raw and unbridled passion. With the holistic joining of these two opposite, yet parallel forces, woman soothes and tames the heart of man, while man engages and enthuses the body and mind of a woman. This is the life force energy that fills the stars and it’s the stuff dreams are made of!

When a man takes good care of his woman outside of the bedroom, she will take great care of him inside the bedroom. Furthermore, when a man adores and cherishes his woman between the sheets, she will honor and appreciate him in the light of day.

No woman wants to share her bed, much less her heart and soul with a man who behaves like the appendage that hangs between his thighs. Likewise, no woman wants to share the home or children with a man who does not respect and nurture her as the creative force that makes a home, or the bearer of life itself.

The whore is the woman who thinks the sun rises and sets in her vagina and she has no esteem for her own virtue. She uses her sexuality – or rather her sexual prowess – as a tool to attain that which she needs or desires. The Goddess, on the other hand, knows that the sun does indeed rise and set in her emotions…and she also knows the beauty and reverence of those emotions. The bitch is of the same basic belief system as the whore, except that after she has wrapped up her bounty, she will then impute guilt upon the man who partakes of her offerings.