Certified Psychic Medium

K rista Kaine is a nationally-known Author and Psychic Medium, whose work takes her throughout the country. Krista is also a Metaphysical Teacher and Public Speaker, as well as an Ordained Minister and Life Coach who works with her clients in the capacity of Personal Empowerment & Development, and Relationship Coaching/Counseling, all from a spiritual perspective.

Healing the Emotional Heart

Whether it be through her writings, her one-on-one sessions, or her various seminars and workshops, Krista’s work is founded in a concept she calls, “Healing the Emotional Heart,” which is the undeniably transformational process of letting go of deep, emotional wounds and releasing their hold on your life. Krista combines her coaching expertise and tried-and-true strategies with her God-given gifts to help foster a Human/Spiritual balance, bringing her clients into a higher state of awareness of Wholeness and Oneness, which she says is “the inherent mission of the Soul.”


Krista was an instructor at a metaphysical college, while simultaneously attending as a student to earn her Ministerial Ordination, which came coupled with an Honorary Doctorate Degree. When asked why she went the route of “Minister” in a radio interview in 2011, Krista explained: “Because of the religious confines, constrictions and negative connotations that I grew up with (being raised in a strict Evangelical Christian Church), I had to find a way to prove, ‘Hey, this isn’t dark or evil or ugly. It’s a gift! It’s the same gift possessed by Jesus – the same gift spoken of in the scripture that the church uses to stifle me and others like me.’”


Krista took her work out of the confines of her tri-county area in 2011 and she now works throughout the U.S., with goals for working abroad. Whether traveling the country or working right in her hometown in Southwest Florida, Krista teaches and works from her extensive knowledge of metaphysics, referring to it as “all branches of the same tree, whose body is rooted in spirituality.” In a newspaper interview in 2010, Krista said, “I love all of it; emotional or physical healing, workshops and classes – particularly the Law of Attraction, coaching and the whole gamut. But my favorite part – the part where I know that I am serving in the most amazing capacity – is mediumship. I could never emphasize enough how incredible it feels to connect someone to their loved ones who have passed and to help them to speak and hear the words they thought were forever lost. There is no greater healing than that!”

Although she was born a “sensitive,” Krista worked diligently to fine-tune and amplify her psychic and medium gifts. She has trained with some of the greatest metaphysicians in the world. Krista’s mediumistic abilities have been compared to that of Lisa Williams, John Holland and Teresa Caputo.

In January of 2014, Krista released her third book, “Standing between the Worlds – You just can’t make this stuff up!,” a book that explains life, death and the afterlife in great detail, while using common, everyday, simplistic terminology and comparisons, coupled with her quick wit and bubbly sense of humor. “Standing between the Worlds” has now been accepted into the mainstream market, through support by Books-A-Million.



A Psychic is a person with the ability of ESP (Extra-Sensory-Perception) The word ‘Psychic’ originates from the Greek word ‘psychikos’ (Pertaining to the Soul) and refers to the ‘psyche’ (The Human Mind).

A psychic is also a person with ESP or Extra Sensory Perception or what people more commonly refer to as ‘the sixth sense’.


A medium possesses the ability to communicate with spirits and channel energies that surround a person to relay a reading.

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  • To hear from my parents was phenomenal! You brought peace to my broken soul. I can't wait to do it again.. much love and forever grateful.
    P. Jordan - Fort Campbell, KY
  • I cant thank you enough for my reading. I finally got peace from my mom's passing. Since our reading a little over 24 hours ago I have read and almost finished your book. It is amazing and so uplifting!
    Amanda H -Nashville, TN

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